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Nationalism - Pride and Devotion to one's country or culture; the belief that the nation plays an important role in human social life; the idea that the nation comes first before anything involving it happens.

Welcome to Nationalist Furries!

[The following is subject to change! This community is under reconstruction. More word to come soon...]

For a good chunk of time, the fauna-based subculture, the Furry Fandom, has thrived and changed. Through ups and downs, it still grows to this day.

For every Furry out there, they all have their own reason they feel they are a part of the fandom. Every which way it's taken, they are still one, a Furry. Furry belongs to everyone.

-About Nationalism-

Nationalism is the belief that nationality plays an important role in social life, as well as the idea that the country comes first before anything else involving it. With Nationalism comes all of the pride and allegiance involved. Nationalists feel very proud to be a native of their own people, and have camaraderie with those who feel the same sanctity for their own nation.

Even though history has given Nationalism a negative reputation, nationality and the pride involved for one's own nation still has a powerful prominence in the world to date. Today's world politics no longer revolves around Nationalism like it had used to in the earlier years. No longer are there wars to end harsh political dispute, but things like soccer games to entertain everyone and root the spirit of their nationality in friendly competition.

-About Nationalist Furries-

Nationalist Furries was originally a minute movement started by sciucaro in 2005 to advocate making the culture more exotic and promote a nation-like spirit in the fandom. This was a complete failure and it was abandoned, since the fandom is growing and cultivating rapidly on its own.

After a long hiatus, the Nationalist Furries have a new mission:

1 (and foremost). Bring people who have felt Furry all their lives together as a nation. This is what brings us all together. If you can almost feel it beating in your heart that you have more than a 'fandom' in your blood, this is the place to be. It is this one emotion, this one feeling that should apparently bring us all together.

2. Promote the previous Furry generation. In more slang terms, we mean "kicking it up, oldskool yo!" Furry has been alive for 20+ years and it has evolved a lot, from a few people feeling animal in their youth, to becoming a worldwide fandom in some areas of the world, with even a civil war in between (Burned Furs and Freezing Furs). It's only right that we all know about the generations and history beforehand.

3. Preserve the true spirit of Furry. Cultural diffusion with other fandoms (Anime, Emo, /b/tardom, etc.) take prominence in representing most of Furry, instead of what Furry was meant to be. As said above, Furry belongs to everyone, but under no circumstances should the original Furry culture be represented by this new wave of cultures, as they have their own anyway. The Nationalist Furry stands by proudly protecting and preserving the founding nature of the culture, the animal-like spirit.


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3. Disagreements are to be kept informative and formal.
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Finally... Enjoy! :)