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Nationalist Furries
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Monday, January 18th, 2010
12:42 pm
Where is everyone?
This place hasn't had a good post in almost 3 years. What's up?

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, September 15th, 2007
9:05 am
After I went to my first Furry con, AC07, I had a thought.

What if whatever next con I go to, I'll announce it so we (or whoever's left of us from this dead community lol) could have a small get-together, a hi-hello? Proud of the roots. lol

Most I can think of that would happen would be like us getting together and talking about the whole "Furry our whole life" rut.
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
11:32 pm
No Need
Heh, never thought I'd use this thing again.

Anyway I made an interesting find on Google. I screencapped it because it's almost obvious something will change, but here...

I write in 'I love you', and the results return, with the FIRST image, of Furries macking out.

We must be REAL popular for something like that.

But that's besides the point... Kind of.

What do you guys make of how big we've grown?

I know some of us have been in the know longer than others (I been in the fandom for 5 years, compared to people who been in it for over ten, if not more), and it's changed, a lot to my eyes.

Brings a tear to my eye, I can't tell if it's good because of how big and tight we are, or that it's just not the same.

Stay proud everyone.
Monday, February 26th, 2007
8:31 pm
Ha! Long time no one has posted here. But now, as a new member I will. I'm from Germany just to introduce me so far. XD

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
9:28 pm
Furry State
Long time no post. lol

Opinion question that came to my mind:

Should Furry really be considered something of geekdom, or should it be something of its own entirely?

I say it should be a whole new ball game.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
1:16 am
What the heck is this? Is it legit?

I snapshot this as I think it is a fake. For one thing this site doesn't do Music and or Nationally Released Movies and also I don't think the government would collaborate with those agencies in a combined campaign such as this since the site is not a high end priority site like a warez site would be.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
3:24 pm
Species States
I know, long time no post and stuff...

I came across something though, that should be pretty noteworthy of this pretty-much-dead Furry Nationalism gig.

Each species has a culture of their own. I would say these should be the states of our Union.

Here's an example, coming from me, a Squirrel... Squirrels like me are usually the treetop dwellers, and love everything wooden, and acorns are prominent. We're also very happy-go-lucky, or crazy (hence, nuts) and stuff.

Other stuff would be like, Owls are intelligent so you'd expect a lot of brain, Wolves are spiritual and night-like, Raccoons tend to be like banditos, etc.

Whatever, it was something I noticed, and I suggest should be looked into. Instead of just being a proud Furry in general, show your species's roots. lol

Fur pride!
Sunday, June 4th, 2006
5:54 am
Reconstruction finished for now
Well I'm back from more hiatus-ing (as if there wouldn't be enough anyway).

So I did some little touchups here and there, decided I don't know what else to fit in, so that's that.

If there's anything else, I can always update the community and stuff. No biggies.

So, one new thing I made for the community is now it has three purposes, one of which is the original...

1. Promote the culture and spirit of the fandom to have the feel of a nation. (The original goal)
2. For those who dearly love the fandom, but are just fed up with the drek that makes it all the less cool to be in it. (ie: antifur crud, crybabies, etc.)
3. The meeting place for those who 'have been furry all their life', because that alone makes one more step to what could be like a country.

Other than that I'm not sure what else really.

Your mod,
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
2:29 am
Reporting update
Okay, I made a little change in the bio. I'm still going to set up the rules whenever, but I will.

Basics of this community now, is that we are Furs that are proud and love the fandom for everything it's got, but digress the demoting reputations we're getting, usually from the insecure at soul. We're kind of like Jaded Furs, but instead of being tired, we are more fervent, because there really is something about the fandom that had us calling ourselves Furs in the first place.

It is all subject to change. It is still under construction.

Reports later...
Monday, January 30th, 2006
12:17 am
Community Renovation
Yeah this is an old community and I finally decided to come back and make changes to it, since the older cause is now dead.

Reports later...

Sunday, January 1st, 2006
12:23 am
Happy New Year!
I wish everyone here a furry Happy New Year! :D

Your mod,
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:30 pm
Here's something you should all see pertaining to FurFright, a furry con in New England:
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
4:17 pm
Fur City
Look for a Fur city/town? well, you can go to it online in https://secondlife.com/ , the furry grids can be found at http://www.furnation.com/ , and you don't just have to be isolated to the fur grids, you can go everywhere else, in fact, furries are very intergrated into SL, all you have to do is to join second life, it's easy if you have a credit card number and if you need more info, go to secondlife_furs. Now go join, because I can't since I don't have a credit card number. :(</span>

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
9:59 pm
Fur Angles
I've come to see Furry culture at another angle at some time ago.

I had once said, it's the cultural interest with animals, and from there, people interpret it on their own.

Another way I have of looking at the fandom, is just not seeing it as a culture by itself, but as a medium of expressing something deeper, as most other cultures would, be it from tangible things like food, architecture, fashions, artworks, to more moral issues, such as traditions, beliefs, whatever. Furs happen to use animals and anthropomorphic animals as the medium, just like other cultures have their form of medium, to bring out the spirit that we all as people share.


In one way to probably bring up something close, N_F member gmork7 had mentioned about combining the three goals about this community, and it sounds pretty worthy. Instead of supporting the three goals separately, he mentioned to put them together, starting with the development of our culture(3) to bring us together(2) to keep us spirited about it(1), something like the mini-nation I thought that Furry could be. Other than that, I've come to realize the Fandom already has that coming:

3. Culture Development - Furry Music Foundation, VCL, WikiFur (to hold everything about the fandom), talents (2 the Gryphon, Eric Schwartz)...

2. Union of Furs - We have had conventions for 20 or so years already, and from there, Furs meet and get together, probably to the point of backing each other up.

1. Spirit for Fur - From the above two, it gives a light to be in the fandom.

Thus, this community is now obsolete, however will remain for the hell of it. XD Go ahead and use it to make friends or something, or of course keep the Fur Country project up and runnin'. :P

Monday, September 12th, 2005
10:25 pm
Hi. I'm a new member.

My wiki article is here if you want to learn about me: http://furry.wikicities.com/wiki/A._C._Gmork_Labyrinthian_Kadran_X._H.

My homepage is: http://www.gmork7.com/

I think this group is a good idea, but I must disagree with one thing. We cannot give membership to, nor can we respect, every single individual's furry perspective out there in regards to the rest of the world. I speak from experience from running an open-minded/ended community before. There are limits that MUST be set.

Am I treading on old ground, or has this been discussed?
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
7:47 pm
Governing our tails...
I know, this group has been on a big hiatus, nothing new's been coming along. I thought I'd come back and leave something we could talk about.

If Furry was a sovereign establishment, what kind of government would it best suit, according to the Fandom? There's many kinds of governments. I can list a few of them here...

Kinds of governments...Collapse )

I would say currently we are in an Anarchy, because technically we don't have our own establishment, and therefore lack a government on our own. So far, I like Democracy, because the fandom belongs to all of us.

Friday, June 17th, 2005
8:03 pm
basically an open minded cheetah with a need for speed.

Current Mood: mellow
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
7:24 pm
Fand-... Random Talk...
Is it me or have I noticed a trend with Furries as they grow in the fandom?

Of the 3 years I've been in the fandom, I began looking back on those days, what I have learned, how I have changed, and how I could be later on. Some of those little stages look a lot like what I'm noticing in the fandom today.

Continued...Collapse )


Current Mood: Philosophical...
Sunday, May 29th, 2005
1:01 am
FurryWiki site down...
I should have posted this half so much earlier...

Lupine52's FurryWiki site is down. I dunno if he's gonna make another, or if I should re-devote this community to that dedication.

If we are, we oughta keep it clean. Like create one and only one post that is solely meant to document the different things, or otherwise. If anything, create a branch database Community for this one, to hold ideas for people to share.


And in other news...

Recently, I heard about a Furry LJ user that once joined this site for a day with an interest with our nation-like approach, left it the next day calling it pointless zealotry because of my salute idea, and of course being one of the most abusive in the flame war that nearly cost my love of Furry because of snotballs like her... She was w/o a doubt one of the most ruthless against my Fur Nationalism opinion...

The irony is, a month or so later, she left LJ completely, because some Furs were dissing her art or something (I wasn't there to witness this) and upon leaving, she leaves an innuendo of calling Furries, especially the ones she seemed to have a problem with, retards... Poetic Justice is delicious...

I can understand why she left, I do admit there are some nosy people in Furry, though now I know not to let that stop me from something that awakened my soul and has kept me in great moods since I discovered it. After all, they don't represent Furry, it's the binding interest within all Furries, even them, that should mean Furry for all of us.

This is why I love spirit so much. I kept myself true to Furry through hard times, even under what I call 'Furiendly Fire' (though sadly enough I almost lost it to prats that thought otherwise about my ideal), and still I never been prouder, or more importantly, happy. As my personal motto states, Spirit does indeed prevail! :) Stick to your Furriness, everyone!

Thursday, May 26th, 2005
10:22 pm
Earlier, I was researching some Patriot-American "did-you-know?" secrets. It intrigued me how much subtle things there are on those confusing symbols. It made me think as well...

Should Furry have some more marks of symbolicism or mottos that can represent it in unique ways?

The first thing I think of is a pawprint, obviously. Almost anything Furry around has this mark, as far as I have noticed.

Another icon of course would be the flagship species of Furry, the Fox. Without a doubt the Fox is probably the most beloved animal in Furry so it would make a perfect symbol for Furry. Let's not forget its colors which could represent Furry, the colors Orange, Black, and White (hence the flag Icon I made for this group).

For Mottos, probably something in Primal or Kameron's Psallilardian (if it becomes widely recognized) or English or Latin or whatever language, that states something true about us as Furs. I do see how every Fur has the one thing in common, the interest with Animal stuff, though everyone sees it differently. Maybe something involving our interest with animals? Something we all believe in naturally?

Of course numbers too make good symbols of something. I can only think of one example...
6 kinds of animals Furries can tend to be (and the many more under each):
Mammal - Fur creatures (Fox, Dog...)
Reptile - Scaly creatures (Dragon, Dinosaur...)
Avian - Birds (Eagle, Duck...)
Arthropod - Bugs (Bee, Scorpion...)
Cetacean - Sea Mammals (Whale, Dolphin...)
Therian - Mystical creatures (Gryphon, Taur...)

What's more, who said it had to be just graphical symbols like numbers or mascots or mottos? What about certain verbal or acted etiquettes or social values that too mark a symbolic way of Fur living?

I now leave you with your opinions. :)


Current Mood: Pensive...
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