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After I went to my first Furry con, AC07, I had a thought.

What if whatever next con I go to, I'll announce it so we (or whoever's left of us from this dead community lol) could have a small get-together, a hi-hello? Proud of the roots. lol

Most I can think of that would happen would be like us getting together and talking about the whole "Furry our whole life" rut.
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No Need

Heh, never thought I'd use this thing again.

Anyway I made an interesting find on Google. I screencapped it because it's almost obvious something will change, but here...

I write in 'I love you', and the results return, with the FIRST image, of Furries macking out.

We must be REAL popular for something like that.

But that's besides the point... Kind of.

What do you guys make of how big we've grown?

I know some of us have been in the know longer than others (I been in the fandom for 5 years, compared to people who been in it for over ten, if not more), and it's changed, a lot to my eyes.

Brings a tear to my eye, I can't tell if it's good because of how big and tight we are, or that it's just not the same.

Stay proud everyone.
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Ha! Long time no one has posted here. But now, as a new member I will. I'm from Germany just to introduce me so far. XD

If you have questions, feel free to ask.
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Furry State

Long time no post. lol

Opinion question that came to my mind:

Should Furry really be considered something of geekdom, or should it be something of its own entirely?

I say it should be a whole new ball game.


What the heck is this? Is it legit?

I snapshot this as I think it is a fake. For one thing this site doesn't do Music and or Nationally Released Movies and also I don't think the government would collaborate with those agencies in a combined campaign such as this since the site is not a high end priority site like a warez site would be.
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Species States

I know, long time no post and stuff...

I came across something though, that should be pretty noteworthy of this pretty-much-dead Furry Nationalism gig.

Each species has a culture of their own. I would say these should be the states of our Union.

Here's an example, coming from me, a Squirrel... Squirrels like me are usually the treetop dwellers, and love everything wooden, and acorns are prominent. We're also very happy-go-lucky, or crazy (hence, nuts) and stuff.

Other stuff would be like, Owls are intelligent so you'd expect a lot of brain, Wolves are spiritual and night-like, Raccoons tend to be like banditos, etc.

Whatever, it was something I noticed, and I suggest should be looked into. Instead of just being a proud Furry in general, show your species's roots. lol

Fur pride!
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Reconstruction finished for now

Well I'm back from more hiatus-ing (as if there wouldn't be enough anyway).

So I did some little touchups here and there, decided I don't know what else to fit in, so that's that.

If there's anything else, I can always update the community and stuff. No biggies.

So, one new thing I made for the community is now it has three purposes, one of which is the original...

1. Promote the culture and spirit of the fandom to have the feel of a nation. (The original goal)
2. For those who dearly love the fandom, but are just fed up with the drek that makes it all the less cool to be in it. (ie: antifur crud, crybabies, etc.)
3. The meeting place for those who 'have been furry all their life', because that alone makes one more step to what could be like a country.

Other than that I'm not sure what else really.

Your mod,
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Reporting update

Okay, I made a little change in the bio. I'm still going to set up the rules whenever, but I will.

Basics of this community now, is that we are Furs that are proud and love the fandom for everything it's got, but digress the demoting reputations we're getting, usually from the insecure at soul. We're kind of like Jaded Furs, but instead of being tired, we are more fervent, because there really is something about the fandom that had us calling ourselves Furs in the first place.

It is all subject to change. It is still under construction.

Reports later...